“I enjoy finding shopkeepers who are loyal to their craft.”

"One of my new fave bahn mi places! I tried the grilled pork and their special baguette, and both were excellent! They give more meat than most other places. Plus the bread is not so hard that it cuts the roof of your mouth, but it's soft and chewy - perfection!"


"So cheap and satisfying. I love Vietnamese sandwiches and I think this place has the best bread.  It's got just a bit of a crust but is still nice and soft on the inside. For better or worse they put a lot of mayo on their sandwiches."


"I got the grilled pork on a baguette. I usually don't get the pickled vegetables that come along with it, but I decided why not this time. Everything tasted so fresh and the grilled pork was so flavorful. I also ordered a Vietnamese Iced coffee with milk and it was such a perfect balance!"

— angelica m.

"A sandwich sounds so pedestrian--bread and meat. But you hit the Gold Standard of sandwiches once you add Vietnamese culture, a slavish devotion to fresh ingredients (cucumber, cilantro, carrots, daikon), and insanely fresh bread. I enjoy finding shopkeepers who are loyal to their craft."



"It all starts with the bread - so light and crisp.  And the pickled vegetables are fresh, I love that they will pack them on the side for you to assemble and eat later. And the best sandwich there? The egg sandwich. I'd put it up with the best egg sandwiches in Los Angeles. And while I adore the egg salad at European and the Fairfax at Egg Slut, the one at Saigon Bakery is the one I keep coming back to."

— ME B.

"Pretty solid banh mi joint. The bread is baked on site and has a good crunch on it while not breaking your jaw. Tastes fresh too. My sister had them do catering for my nephew's party and they were on point with quantity and quality. They also make really good eggrolls and pate chaud (meat pies). I like their quality better than Lee's."


"I am in love with Banh mi Saigon. I have gotta say it's the best of Banh mi I have had so far. The bread is soft but not too soft. The meats and the veggies are just the right taste. All together you get a perfect Banh mi. Yum."


"The banh mi is in the shape of a hamburger bun! So cool. I enjoyed my banh mi special with different types of meat and veggies. They're not stingy with the amount you get what you pay for. Their Vietnamese coffee is good. They have a little seating area. Their foods tasty."



“Stop by early Friday morning, they open 24/7.  I've had a coffee and banh mi dac biet. Their coffee is so amazing good and banh mi is so flavorful. It’s a big size sandwich with plenty of filling. Shop is very clean and the service is very nice. The price also very reasonable.”


"Loads of meat and veggie and the bread has the right crunch to fluffy filling ratio. They were not afraid to be heavy handed with the pate and that's how I like it. Did I mention the sandwich is massive. Super easy parking and I get to stop at Saigon supermarket for my weekly grocery jaunt.   Well worth the try and so happy I dropped in. Did I mention the sandwich is massive?!"

— L D.

My mom called in and ordered the buy 2 get 1 free round Banh mi sandwiches (2 thit nuong & 1 pate thit nguoi) after trying a speciality sandwich prior. She's super picky and the fact that she came back was shocking to me. She really liked the thit nuong and my grandma enjoyed the pate thit nguoi. Our family has been converted from tan hoang huong loyalists to this place


“The best Banh Mi I have ever had! When my mother comes to visit from Atlanta I always take her here. We live in Glendale so by the time we get home a whole baguette is gone! I suggest buying several and freeze them if you're not close by. They usually have a deal on sandwiches to buy 2 and get the 3rd free! Amazing!!! I'm a vegetarian and love the veggie sandwich but mom loves the special combination, my kids and husband love the pork! You'll Never Go BACK To Lee's again...”